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“Overcoming poverty is not a task of charity, it is an act of justice. Like Slavery and Apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings. Sometimes it falls on a generation to be great. You can be that great generation. Let your greatness blossom.”
-Nelson Mandela

ADVOCATE+ IS A DEVELOPMENT AND ADVOCACY AGENCY that strives to advocate, empower and improve the socio-economic status of marginalized people, especially those in underserved communities in post-conflict Sierra Leone. The organization is also dedicated to promoting and protecting the social rights of the most vulnerable people, especially women and children, through grassroots action, income generating enterprises, entrepreneurship and education. Based in Sierra Leone, a country of vast natural and mineral resources, we see the status of the local natural environment as key in the development process.


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Sierra Leone is a country of contradictions. For eleven years politically motivated civil war ripped the country apart, yet it is one of the world’s most religiously tolerant nations.

Applauded by the UN for its “superb” religious harmony, conversions between Islam and Christianity ae commonplace. The current Christian Prime minister, Ernest Bai Koroma, was selected by a 70% Muslim electorate.


Despite its rich mineral wealth, including gold, diamonds and bauxite, many Sierra Leoneans remain desperately poor.The notorious “blood diamond” trade actually helped fund the years of civil war.

With its struggling health care system and economy devastated by the recent Ebola outbreak, Sierra Leone has one of the world’s lowest human development indices. Maternal mortality rates remain high, with one in eight women risking death during pregnancy or birth.


Working in the second largest Southern city of Bo, Advocate+ firmly believes that despite these challenges, local people are the ones with the greatest power to improve their communities.

Consequently all our projects are staffed, run and managed by local communities. From women’s empowerment to peace building, our innovative projects help communities improve their environment, access educational opportunities and ensure last peace.


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Working directly with our staff in Sierra Leone, Advocate + identify problems facing local communities and carefully design projects to help solve them. Realizing that soaring school drop out and teenage pregnancy rates amongst young women were not only jeopardizing their education prospects but their health, Advocate+ started the Empower-Educate-Esteem Project. Using a unique blend of scholarships, tuition and football training, the project is successfully helping to keep these girls in school.


With towering piles of rubbish clogging the country’s streets and posing serious public health challenges, Advocate+ implemented a sustainable waste management processing plant to compost, recycle and reuse waste.Reducing this waste not only helps eliminate potential breeding grounds for the Malaria carrying mosquitoes which are responsible for thousands of deaths each year, but also provides employment opportunities through making charcoal briquettes and producing organic fertilizer.



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MeganBoylessmallOUR TEAM

MEGAN BOYLES - Director of operations

 Megan is the Director of Operations and is acting as Project Manager for Advocate+s Girls Empowerment Project: Empower,Educate, Esteem. She has worked for Advocate + since 2013 and supporting other local organizations in Sierra Leone since early 2012.

She believes awareness is the first step towards behavioral change and is passionate about improving the lives of others, especially women.She also aims to develop local and international partnerships to support the sustainability of Advocate+’s programs.



PETER NYANDE- Co-founder/President

Peter Nyande is the co-founder/President (volunteer) for Advocate Plus. He is passionate about economically empowering vulnerable groups in society and providing the platform for them to actively engage in decision making that affect their lives.

He uses the tools of entrepreneurship, advocacy, and sports for development to make transformative impact in the lives of the marginalized groups in underserved communities .Peter enjoys playing soccer at leisure time.



Advocate+ is run by a network of young leaders in both Sierra Leone and abroad and currently hosts 3 international Volunteer Services Overseas (VSO) interns.

We have international affiliations with development experts who offer trainings to build the capacity of staff and ensure effective project implementation. In addition, the organization works together with other local networks to share ideas, experiences and expertise, and promote development at the grassroots level

Advocate + was founded through collaboration of passionate individuals that strive to make a difference in Sierra Leone. We work on the basis that through collaboration, we can achieve better results.

Through consultation with local stakeholders, civil society and non-governmental organizations, we ensure local ownership of all our programs, sharing of best practices and constant learning and improvement at project- and organizational- levels.

Why not volunteer with us and see first hand the impact of our projects in Sierra Leone? Working together with VSO we have regular placements for international volunteers in our office in Bo.

If you’d still like to help, but are unable to travel why not volunteer virtually? Click the button below to join our team and explore our current volunteering opportunities.


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From helping more girls pursue their education to providing job opportunities for 400 women in our Cassava processing plant, every Advocate+ project helps improve the lives of communities in Bo. With newspapers  filled with the devastating death tolls from the Ebola outbreak, soaring maternal mortality rates and seemingly intractable poverty, it is easy to feel helpless, give up and accept the seemingly inevitable.

Despite these challenges ,every day  we see significant albeit small and so often under reported victories ; a girl inspired to stay in school for just a few extra years, before getting married and settling down, improves not only her own health and job prospects but those of future generations or a father given a new job to help feed his family.

As a small NGO, focusing on Bo we ensure that all our projects are tailored to maximize benefit to the local communities. We may not be able to provide quick solutions to the many challenges facing Sierra Leone, but project by project, we believe we really can change lives and futures.

With your help, we can create new projects, employ more local staff and interns and together build a Sierra Leone not known only for it’s poverty and disease but for the never ending resilience of its people.

You can support our work through the donation button below or perhaps you would would prefer to volunteer with us and see firsthand how Advocate+ helps communities.